Kim Kardashian, Kanye Expecting Their First Child

Hailie Sandor, Staff Photographer

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have something special to look forward to in 2013. The couple is expecting their first child in the new year.

Performing on Dec. 30 at a show in Atlantic City, N.J., Kanye shared the couple’s happy news with the audience of 5,000. During the course of his performance, he made the statement “Stop the music for a second. Can we make some noise for my baby mama?” referring to his girlfriend in the audience, as per People.

During the concert, Kanye dedicated a song to his three months pregnant girlfriend  and was reportedly overjoyed as he sang lyrics including “this is God’s plan” and “we are having a family” to announce the pregnancy, a source at told concert tells People.  

Kardashian, who is still legally married to Chris Humphries, has made many statement since the announcement exclaming her excitment to be starting a family with her current boyfriend. Reports have also come in from the Kardashian clan, and they have been reported to be more then excited to welcome  in a baby from Kim and Kanye.

There have been no reliable reports yet of possible names for the child, but it’s expect that after the sex of the child is revealed that a most interesting name will be chosen.