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Football Games: Sociable or Trouble?


Seneca Valley students have Friday night football games in the fall, and these games might influence the students’ social lives and participation in school spirit.

Seneca Valley takes their school pride very seriously, especially the students who go all out for the home football games. These football games have themes, and students will get all dressed up and paint their faces to support their team. The students have their section where they crowd in and cheer throughout the whole game, rooting for their team. At the games, students socialize with other students they might not see at school. But these football games can also be quite problematic by starting fights and kids ending up in trouble.

Kaitlin Brozewicz-Fullerton, a sophomore at the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School, said, “The games bring everyone together and let you have a good time, but it can also cause drama.”

Meeting new people at these games can open lots of opportunities for students’ social lives like making new friends and having a better experience at school by feeling less alone.

Briella Price, another sophomore at Seneca Valley, said, “The games give students something to look forward to at the end of the week, but sometimes things happen at the games that get people in trouble.”

Going to Friday night football games can also offer bad opportunities like feeling alone at the game or being peer pressured into the wrong things while you are there. When asked about any specific incidents this year, however, Dean Mr. McFeely said he hasn’t had any students disciplined after the football games, yet.

Evie Townsend, a former cheerleader who is a sophomore at Seneca Valley, said, “You’re around a bunch of people you don’t know, and you could get sick or scared because of how many kids there are.”

But the games aren’t all bad. As sophomore Emily Li said, “It’s thrilling and entertaining.” These games could be a great opportunity to go out and help your social status but could also get you involved in drama or get in trouble. So have fun, but be smart, too.

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