SV golf team breaks scoring record

Tommy Conroy, Contributor

The Seneca Valley boys golf team broke the record for lowest team score in a match September 11, 2017  at a regular season golf outing.

Six golfers took to the field against North Hills the day of the record-breaking. As is standard for golf matches, the top five scores were compiled to create an overall total. When the day was done, the golf team had scored 176 points- the lowest point total in Seneca Valley history. On, that equates to 35.2 points per golfer.

The six golfers who played against North Hills that day were seniors Adam Bushee, Paul Lopiccolo and Zach Gehm, along with juniors Mark McNulty, Zachary Brown and Jake Marquardt.

Lopiccolo believed he could’ve personally done better. However, despite that modesty, it is important to note that all six golfers preformed remarkably, and have the statistics to show. Breaking the record had been a goal for them since the beginning of the golf season.

The previous record  for lowest points scored was 178, which the golf team tied earlier in the season.

The team was led to breaking this milestone by Head Coach Steve Mayes and Assistant Coach Mike Stebbins. As well as serving as the senior high’s librarian, Stebbins has been assistant coach for the golf team for the past four years.

“We certainly do our best to compete against the standard,” Stebbins said, speaking with pride over the achievement the student golfers earned.

The golfers for the SV team show a great deal of pride and passion in their sport. This dedication leads them out-preform their expectations daily and make achievements such as this one. Stebbins spoke passionately about what draws him to the sport in the first place.

“Golf is really all about competing against yourself,” Stebbins said. “Your always trying to better your score and yourself.”