Sidney Crosby gets 1000th point


Alex Restauri, Staff Writer

Two league MVP’s, one Conn Smythe, and two Stanley Cups later, Sidney Crosby records his 1,000th point on Thursday, February 16th.

The entire league was watching when the Winnipeg Jets came to the Steel City to play the Penguins in what should have been a regular season game. The reality is that the best player in the sport is about to reach a milestone that is very hard to reach, so of course a bunch of people will be watching.

Crosby got his 998th point against the Calgary Flames at home, and people thought he could actually score his 1,000th point against the Colorado Avalanche in Denver. If he didn’t score it there, he could do it against the Arizona Coyotes in Glendale. Thankfully, Crosby didn’t register a point in the two-game road trip. This is the first time Crosby did not resister a point in back to back games since the beginning of last season were he was on the biggest slump of his life.

When the Pens returned to Pittsburgh to play the Vancouver Canucks, Crosby earned an assist on rookie Jake Guentzel’s goal to make it 2-0. Despite all the efforts to get Sid one more point, including a two minute shift in the third period, he could not get another point.

The hockey world seemed certain that Sid would get the point in the Thursday match up against the Jets. All of social media, people were acting like he already has the 1,000th point. Tweets included “Tonight is the night Sidney Crosby becomes the 12th fastest player to 1,000 points…” from the popular parody account, Evgeni Malkin’s Ego. Another parody account tweeted, “Today is a great day in Pittsburgh sports history.”

The problem with this is, Crosby doesn’t have his 1,000th point yet. They are putting a ton of pressure on Crosby that is unneeded. Another problem with these tweets are, what if he doesn’t get the point against the Jets? What if he gets injured and doesn’t get the point and we all have to wait until he gets healthy again?

Pittsburgh has been known to have some disappointment with some of their sports teams, especially the Penguins in the past five years. the reason this disappointment happens is because the fans get their hopes up too much.

Luckily, Sid responded to all the pressure and a little over six minutes into the first period, Crosby stole the puck from Jets forward Blake Wheeler and passed it to long time line-mate Chris Kunitz to put the Pens up 2-0. The fans gave him a standing ovation and Crosby’s parents were there to see it.

Crosby would assist Phil Kessel to tie the game up in the third period to get point 1,001. In overtime, Malkin and Crosby would go in a 2 on 1 and Geno made an incredible play to get Sid the overtime winner. A fitting ending to a unforgettable night for the Penguins captain.