College Football Playoff Rankings Shaken Up After Number’s Two, Three, and Four lose in Week 10

Ben Snell, Staff Writer

Earlier in November, the number two (Clemson), three (Michigan), and four (Washington) teams in NCAA College Football were highly upset. This is the first time this has happened since October nineteenth, 1985.

Along with these three teams losing, the number eight (Texas A&M), five (Auburn), and fourteen (Virginia Tech) teams also lost. This leaves only two undefeated teams left, Alabama and Western Michigan.

Both Clemson and Michigan were beat in the final seconds by a game-winning field goal by unranked teams. Clemson lost to Pitt, a 5-4 team, at home on Senior Day. Also, the Tigers could have clinched a birth to the ACC Championship Game with a win. Clemson was expected to steamroll Pitt in a routing victory. However, the Panthers played a valiant game and held on just enough to pull out the win.

As for the Michigan Wolverines, the team faced a 5-4 Iowa team at the Hawkeye’s stadium. Entering the game, the Wolverines were a twenty-one point favorite, but the home atmosphere and prime-time showing at eight o’clock  rallied Iowa to a 13-14 win. Both Clemson and Michigan only lost by a point. The games also resulted in the first losses for the teams.

Keith Duncan, Iowa’s kicker who made the thirty-three yard game-winning field goal against Michigan told ESPN after the game, “I didn’t really know what to do. You don’t really practice those things.”

As for Washington, they were upset by a nineteenth ranked USC. Despite USC’s previous three losses (6-3 record), they managed to pull of a 26-13 victory in a hard fought win on the road in Washington. The game was the setting for College Game Day, a show hosted every Saturday morning at the scene of different college campuses to hype up large, exciting games.

Washington’s QB and Heisman candidate Jake Browning told US News, “Here’s where we find out if we’re the front-runners that are only playing well when things are going well or are we going to respond and bounce back stronger? That will be interesting to see what kind of team are we.”

Although the chances are very slim, USC could still win the Pac-12 championship at the end of the season. A lot of things would have to right for this to happen, but their season is by no means over.

After this weekend of upsets, the College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings were shaken up. As of Tuesday, Alabama remained at the top spot with Ohio State staying at second. Michigan dropped to fifth in the AP after the double overtime loss to OSU. Clemson rounded out the playoff spots at third and Washington at fourth.

As the season is coming to a close, multiple-loss teams are getting desperate to save their seasons and upset big name schools. This season shows that anything can happen and the CFP may get even more shaken up.  By the end of the year, who knows which teams will sit in those coveted top four positions.