Girls’ Soccer: Raider Run Comes to an End

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

Despite all of the success that the Seneca Valley girls’ soccer has had this year, there has been one team that has always found the Raiders Achilles’ heel, the same team beat the Raiders in the WPIAL championship: Peters Township.

At Chartiers Valley High School on Saturday, November 10,  the stage was set for a rematch of these two extremely talented and determined teams.  The Raiders had just beaten State College to advance in the State Tournament, while Peters had beaten Bethel Park to advance to play the Raiders.

The game started out like most games this season with intensity and hard work on both sides.  However in this game there was something different.  There was another factor in this game besides the two teams competing for the win.  The surprise third factor was the referees.

Throughout the entire game, there was a lack of calls for both sides, causing the game become out of control.  The level of physicality of this game was unseen throughout the entire season and caused several more serious injuries besides bruises.  Senior Rachael Leake was injured and was forced to have more than 7 stitches on her face.

Despite these injuries, the game carried on.  Then there was a foul called against the Raiders within their own box in the first half.  Instead of calling a penalty kick like the right call should have been, the referees called an indirect kick on the 6 yard line.  Even with the entire Raider team on the goal line the Peters player blasted the ball into the back of the net.  This put Peters in the lead with one goal.  The Raiders put forth a valiant effort to tie the game up, but it was not enough. 

After months of hard work and hours of practice each day the girls’ soccer team’s season was over.  The girls finished the year with only one regular season loss to Hampton early on.  They were also section champions, the second place team in WPIALS, and made it to the quarter finals in the state tournament. 

Although many talented seniors are leaving, there is still hope for next year’s team who has a number of skilled players and bright future ahead.