NFL officials are back

Nicole Jelinek, Entertainment Editor

After 3 weeks of controvercy and the last 2 days of face-face meetings and phone conversations, the NFL referee officials have reached an agreement to end the 3-month long lockout. The new agreement is for 8 years and goes through the 2019 season. This is the longest contract in the history of the NFL.

The replacent refs have been officially released and to many, it is a “relief.” These replacements have had football lovers in panic mode from some of their calls. The biggest one had to have been the call to end the Seattle Seahawk win over the Greenbay Packers in a touchdown, insted of the proper call which was an interception. That wasnt the end of bad calls though. Coach Harbaugh of the Ravens tryed to call a time-out by tapping the official on the shoulder and got carded, Raiders player, Bay’s hit from the Steelers, the 27 yard personal foul call against the Detroit Lions in their game against Tennessee, and Goldan Tates crackback hit on Shawn Lee. All of these resulted in much uproar.

Where did the NFL find these replacement officials? Many of them were highschool or low-level college officials and some were even previously seen in the lingerie football league. According to Fox News, some of the replacements, who were used from the lingerie league, were rejected for getting calls wrong in gridiron contests between scantily-clad women.