Hillary Clinton possibly faces further prosecution for e-mail scandal

Hillary Clinton possibly faces further prosecution for e-mail scandal

Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

In the midst of her nationally prominent run for the Presidency in 2016, possible Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton is facing even more backlash for her alleged illegal e-mailing activities that she took part in during her run as Secretary of State more than two years ago.

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has pushed forward a lawsuit against the State Department of the United States government that could potentially prosecute Clinton during what is surely one of the more politically charged time periods of her professional career.

The controversy surrounding Clinton’s theoretically illegal uses of a private e-mail server during her term seemed to have died down in recent months due to not only her campaigning but also the plethora of new stories being formed by the various Republican nominees during the long race for nomination. But this recent break in the story regarding the mysteries of her private correspondences could certainly effect Clinton in the near future.

While Judge Sullivan has yet to officially take any action against Clinton’s branch, he is to be given a discovery report within the next three weeks in order to make a decision, according to CNN. The use of a private server during her work under President Obama during his first term has raised many questions among political pundits all over the United States and has realistically led to drop in support from the general public during her campaign this past year.

Clinton, albeit not the only person that could end up in political trouble due to the case (her top assisstant during the time period, Huma Abedin, was also rumored to be involved in the e-mailing scandal), could conceivably lose the Democratic nominee race due to this case. While she is currently leading in the polls over her counterpart Senator Bernie Sanders, any diminishments in her campaign could cost her the ever so important trust and respect of her supporters and eventual voters.

It is of course completely and utterly stressed that Clinton has not been proven guilty of anything yet. But the potential issues that face the former First Lady certainly would test her leadership abilities. This is also not the first time that the Clinton family has had to face the public after a politically accusatory scandal broke out, as Hillary had to irrevocably traverse figuratively “dangerous waters” after her husband Bill’s sex scandal during his term as President more than a decade and a half ago.