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The student news site of Seneca Valley Senior High School.

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Homecoming: A Saturday well spent?


The Seneca Valley School District held two Homecoming dances on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 7-10 p.m.: one for grades 9-10 and another for grades 11-12.

At each dance, students had the opportunity to get dressed up and have fun together. Most of the students go to hang out with friends, dance, and have a good time.

Homecoming is a very big event for students and the dance followed three other events last week: Homecoming Spirit Week, the Homecoming Carnival and Parade, and the Homecoming football game. The wait for Homecoming can be brutal because of all the built-up excitement from spirit week. The students of Seneca are a community and have a pep-rally the day before Homecoming just to hype each other up and really bring on the excitement.

Kaitlin Brozewicz- Fullerton, a sophomore at Seneca Valley Intermediate High School, said before the dance, “I’m excited for Homecoming this year, but I am not excited to wait for it because the day is always so long.”

Each year has a theme for the dance and this year the theme was Lavender Haze based of the Taylor Swift song. Despite the theme, there were not a lot of purple dresses found in the crowd. A popular choice this year were dresses with jewels and sequins. The decision to select a dress for Homecoming can be a daunting task. Elise Groom, sophomore, said, “Although buying stuff for Homecoming can be stressful, hanging out with my friends will be really fun.”

Felicity Scott, senior, was surprised at the lack of students dancing at the dance, and attributed it to the outdated music playing. She said “There was one big circle of people dancing by the DJ, but that was it. Honestly, the music was pretty outdated, like 2017.”

Despite the lack of good music, Homecoming was a great place to better connect with your friends, meet new people, and just have a fun time. As Jackson Skillman, sophomore, said, “We get to have a great time dancing.”

If you missed out on this year’s Homecoming dance, make sure you get dressed up next year and celebrate Seneca Valley along with your classmates!

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