Raiders raise over $11K


Gizelle Salsa

With a collective total of $11,590.79, the annual Raiderthon charity event concluded Miracle League fundraising with a notable finish.

On March 24, the Raiderthon Carnival was held at the Senior High from 5-9 PM. this event finalizes all fundraising towards the Miracle League in the duration of the year. Throughout the school year, monthly dining fundraisers were set up leading to Raiderthon at Peppino’s Pizza, Jersey Mike’s, Panera Bread, and North Park Lounge. There were also several boxes of Sarris Chocolate sold to raise money, taping a teacher to the wall event, and Raiderthon T-shirt sales.

“I am so proud of our Student Council for bringing the entire campus and community together. To put together an event this large, it takes every person’s effort,” said Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Mutschler. “We are so grateful for all the clubs and sports who were represented. Our partnership with Miracle League over the past nine years has made a significant impact on our community.”

As for entertainment, Raiderthon had a wide variety of activities enjoyed by all ages. There were classic carnival games, dodgeball, and big ball volleyball. In addition, a face painter, balloon artist, and caricature artist participated and donated proceeds to the cause. Overall, the fundraiser was lively, with great turnout, and outdoing some of previous years’ records.

“The face painter, balloon artist, and caricature artist were extremely popular at the event. The lines for each stretched far down the hallway all night supporting the cause,” said Taryn Wilson, Student Council Vice President and Entertainment Chair.

Along with the money raised preceding the Raiderthon carnival, the event itself experienced immense success. Multiple sports and clubs affiliated with Seneca Valley came together to support the cause. There were appearances from the Biology Club with a sale of plants and the Robotics Club with a car game. The Ultimate Frisbee League, Girls Lacrosse, and the Swim and Dive team each with their own booths.

“Raiderthon is an incredible event and has had a great impact on the miracle league raising over $100,000 since 2015. I am so proud of what our council was able to accomplish and so thankful for all the support from the community,” said Student Council President, Ben Grewar. “It’s amazing to see what people can do when they all work together towards a common goal, this year we raised $11,000 thanks to all the clubs and sports that helped us put on such the event. I can’t wait to see what the council does next year.”