Seneca Valley swings into Tarzan

Sarah Ierino

The Seneca Valley Senior High School put on their annual musical, Tarzan, beginning March 9 and running through March 11. Shows began at 7:30 pm, with the Sunday “extra” show starting at 2:00 pm. All shows took place in the Intermediate High School auditorium.

There were two acts of Tarzan with ten songs in each act. The outstanding voices of Sam O’Neill, who played Tarzan, Emma Walsh, who played Jane, Anna Stroup, who played Kala, Jacob Nehrer, who played Kerchak, Blaise Meanor, who played young Tarzan, Matt Costco, who played Terk, Nick Folino, who played young Terk, and much more. Alongside with them, the male soloist and female soloist were Tyler Mortier and Tara Bhatia.

Some familiar songs that you may recognize from the classic Disney movie would be “You’ll be in my heart” who was performed by Kala and the apes. Another popular song would be “Son of man” which is performed by young Terk, Kala, Terk, Tarzan, and Apes.

Not only did the Tarzan musical include incredible singing talent but also an amazing dance performance by the featured dancers. The featured dancers included Grace Connors, Jessica Corbin, Amanda Pristas, Brooke Raschke, Alyssa Tollerton, Annie Walton, and Kylie Killian who also doubled as the villain leopard who attacks Tarzan’s family when he is a baby.

The play also included too many apes to name that helped make the family of the story, flowers, and other characters such as Clayton, played by Michael Warchola, Porter, played by Seth Cratsley, the father and mother of Tarzan played by Liam Hillebrand and Reagan Curry.

The producer of this muscial was the Aaron Magill. The director was Stephen Santa. The stage manager was Amber Hugus.

The cast and crew of Seneca Valley Senior High School did an outstanding job of portraying Disney’s Tarzan in an entertaining, exciting, and musical way that made for a great show.