Raider Roast Menu Additons


Jemima Roeckmann, Staff Writer

These days, it seems as if the younger generation is spending more and more time in coffee shops. Many wonder if it is to study or just get the day started with a dose of caffeine. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are examples of these businesses flourishing every day, simply by selling their iconic beverages. They advertise iced coffees, hot beverages and other treats.

The Seneca Valley Senior High School has already caught on to the trend when the Raider Roast opened last year. Ever since, students have been rushing to receive their daily refreshments. The Raider Roast sells hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea and breakfast bread. However, it seems as if even more options are being added to the menu.

So far, reactions to these additions have been very positive. The Raider Roast has recently added iced coffee to their permanent menu, attracting even more customers. Everyday, the Raider Roast transitions more into more of a daily staple coffee shop students would go to outside of school. The best part of the Raider Roast is that it is affordable and easy to access because of its remote location is in the SHS. It is also very beneficial to the desires of a student. If it happens to be a cold Western Pennsylvania morning, a hot chocolate will be handy. If it is a warmer day, an iced tea will do nicely.

“The Raider Roast,” says junior and loyal customer, “is a cool addition to our school, especially since long school days can get old pretty quickly.” Both students and teachers take advantage of having the coffee shop in the building as they make their way down there during study halls and free periods. It is not rare to see a lot of people lined up before it closes for the day.

With newer generations come new things and trends, and to the SHS came the Raider Roast.