The College and Career Center

Seneca Valley has eased the complications teenagers go through daily by creating a College and Career Center that can be and is being used everyday.

Ms. Berena and Ms. Pyle are the faculty members working and coordinating the room. It was started in the beginning of the year, and will be located in the on the second floor of the Senior High School across from the library.

Students will be able to attend this new location and look forward to having informational events, college rep visits, as well as “lunch and learns,” which are already taking place. Ms. Berena and Ms. Pyle, the Transition Coordinator, have offices in the room area as well.

This room will be very useful to students as now they have a specified area; where they can talk about their future plans to either of the faculty members and talk with College Representatives about the college they are interested in.

Many students will be able to use this room to their advantage, such as many have in years past, but now it will be more organized and to a specific area. It is also in a very central location, making it easier for students to connect with a college or career choice.

The center should be very up-to-date and clean so students will be able to concentrate on the information they receive. There should be very minimal items in the room.

There are already “Lunch & Learn’s” that are already taking place. Students can sign up for any of the post-secondary information events on Naviance/Family Connection.