SV adds brand new coffee bar for students

Patrick Inman, Staff Writer

Seneca Valley has graced students with a surprising new addition in the form of a coffee shop named ‘Grounds for thoughts.’

As students, we have all been through the Monday morning struggle. Getting up during the early hours after a relaxing weekend can seem like a task that is impossible. As a result of the early morning blues, many students, as well as adults, resort to caffeine.

Fortunately for these students and teachers, SV feels their struggle and incorporated a brand new coffee bar to ease the suffering of early mornings.

‘Grounds for thoughts’ is located in the main entrance of the Senior High on a wall directly across from the gymnasium. The menu includes refreshments such as coffee, lattes, muffins, yogurt, tea, and various snack foods to keep students alert and ready to tackle the day. The costs for each item range anywhere from $1 to $3.

Students are able to pay for refreshments anytime between 1st and the end of 3rd period. However, it has been stated by Mr. Korcinsky that obtaining anything from the coffee bar is not a reason to be late for class.

‘Grounds for thoughts’ is run by the life skills students at SV. These students spend anywhere from one to three periods making, serving, and doing whatever is needed to make the Coffee shop run efficiently. ‘Grounds for thoughts’ is an exciting new opportunity for these students to make a difference for all students at SV by brightening their day with something everyone loves…food and coffee!

Questions have arisen as to if this new Coffee Bar will feature new items. However, it is currently unclear if ‘Grounds for thoughts’ will add new menu items, or if it will be open for a longer duration in the future.

Kiara Carrasquilla, a junior at SV, chimed in her thoughts on SV’s new coffee shop: “I believe the coffee shop is a great addition to the Seneca Valley Senior High. It gives everyone here at the SHS a new, exciting aspect that all can look forward to. I am excited to see ‘Grounds for Thoughts’ grow as a popular and healthy market”.

The Grand Opening for ‘Grounds for thoughts’ is scheduled for Thursday, February 9. However, it has been open periodically for a few periods the past week to get the word out.