Stu-Co Gets a Whole New Meaning

Argument 1 Takes on Congressional Role

Luke Ryan, Staff Writer

We’re talking Student Congress, not Council. Specifically, the Student Congress going down in Argument 1.

Argument is taught by Mrs. Schuster and Mrs. Plutnicki and is the most fun I have had in any class in my high school career.

The general idea of the class is what the title suggests: we argue. If you like pointing out what someone did wrong, expressing your unpopular, edgy, or political opinions then I promise you would love this class. That is the gist of the course itself, but I want to underline the idea of Student Congress.

Student Congress is exactly what it sounds like; we all wrote bills that detail things we would like to see changed in our school, and then we sat down in a formal setting and debated on them just like Congress would (but we’re getting stuff done).

Things work in a nice rhythm, but also have plenty of opportunities for a spirited student to shake the pot. For example, if someone is up speaking, and I have an idea, I can stand up , blatantly interrupt them, and speak my mind which is extremely fun.

This teaches us how to think on our feet and defend something that we believe in despite adversity and differing opinions that come from other people we may encounter in life.

As for my personal experiences in Student Congress, I have only fond memories of that unit. It’s very gratifying to watch yourself growing as a debater and speaker in such a short time and by such a large degree as I feel I have.

From what I heard from my teacher, Mrs. Schuster, my class is the most antsy and ready to argue of all of her periods. That made for very memorable and funny moments such as calling people on missing points of decorum, motioning to extend Student Congress two days longer than Mrs. Schuster had planned, and even when I was censured by a classmate.

For those not well versed in debate terms, my friend stood and motioned to censure me. The Chair recognized this and called for a vote, the vote was almost unanimously yes, and I was not permitted to speak any more for the rest of the period. I did in fact find a sort of a way around this, but how exactly will have to remain a mystery to the public for this is, in fact, a school newspaper.

I urge all freshman, sophomores, juniors, to sign up for Argument 1. Mrs Schuster and Mrs. Plutnicki  are both amazing at teaching but also very relatable and fun to talk with on many issues.