SV Girls Volleyball Team Reigns WPIAL Champions


Sarah Ierino, Staff Writer

The SV girls Volleyball team has really proven themselves to be another one of the many outstanding sports teams we have here at Seneca Valley School District.

This amazing team holds the title, as of right now, of WPIAL AAAA Champions and Co-Sections Winners but could ultimately win in the Quarter Finals they have coming up, only adding to their long list of achievements this year.

These girls have been continuously and strenuously practicing since May 11th when they started their open gyms and have really applied all their practice to show off their hard work. The team normally practices every day depending on the game they have next or how intense the next game will be.

According to one of the girls on the team, their rise to WPIAL champions was not an easy one. “It took a lot of focus and hard work to get to the WPIALs,” says sophomore Rachel Broskey. Not only did this journey take hard work and focus but it also required a lot of support from family, friends, and teammates to “cheer each other on even when someone makes a mistake.”

The hardest aspect of their climb was learning to trust each other and build a bond that stands true even on the court. Trusting each other to pass the ball, serve the ball, and everything in between requires a certain level of trust and team work that needed to be built in order to get to where they are.

Along with the hours of practice to get into the tournaments, there are numerous other aspects of the SV girls Volleyball team that has made many memories for the girls.

“I love playing in a gym with girls I’ve known since I was a freshman. Some have become like older sisters to me and some became a best friend that I could not live without,” says junior Kiara Carrasquilla. The rush after a point is scored is electric and celebrating with the team is some of their favorite parts of the game.

“My favorite thing about being on the team is the friendships turning into a family. If we were not like a family, it would be just a bunch of girls playing a sport,” says Rachel Broskey.

Although the road to WPIALS champions was a demanding one, being able to win all those games with their friends meant more to the players than anything.