Seneca Valley Senior High School set to open new café

Chloe Ruffennach, Staff writer

Seneca Valley’s Senior High School recently began the construction necessary to create a new café for Seneca’s students and staff.

According to the Seneca Valley Senior High School principal, Mr. Korcinsky, the school has been under construction since late summer to develop a new café for school-goers. The café will be a student-run organization for the PAES class to teach students the value of money, the importance of putting out a quality product and the necessity of keeping a tidy workplace. These PAES students will be in charge of running the café under the supervision of staff members and will be required to make beverages for customers.

The café is intended for the enjoyment of both students and staff members alike and they anticipate on selling various drinks such as coffees, tea and potentially even hot chocolate.

Those interested can expect the café to supply beverages throughout the majority of the school day. Unfortunately, these products will not be available before or after school. Given that it is a student-run business, PAES members will not be available to assist costumers before the bell at 7:30 in the morning or after the final bell at 2:30 in the afternoon. Also, there is the possibility that these drinks will not be sold during lunch periods as well. Due to regulations as to what the school is admitted to sell during lunch time, the café will likely be closed to visitors during those periods; however, this has not been completely confirmed as of now.

Construction is currently continuing in the Seneca Valley Senior High School and will likely progress within the following months. However, Mr. Korcinsky told the Seneca Scout that the construction for the new café is currently at a standstill. According to Mr. Korcinsky, the process has currently been halted as they wait for a contractor’s approval. As of right now, Seneca Valley is patiently waiting for the contractor’s consent to remove concrete blocks and to construct a beam to keep the area structurally sound. Until these things are accomplished, the café is being put on hold.

However, when asked about when the area is set to be open, Mr. Korcinsky hinted that it could be open as early as mid-autumn. Mr. Korcinsky stated, “I would say that it would be open soon. My hopes would be that it stands up before Halloween, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen because we’re not a big job for these contractors, so we’re at their mercy.”

As of right now, Seneca Valley has yet to grant the café an official title or name. However, students can expect to pick up and enjoy coffee or tea at the café as early as Halloween of 2017.