Mr. Butschle begins 2016-2017 school year as Dean of Students

Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

The 2016-2017 school year at Seneca Valley High School has begun with a new Dean of Students; Mr. Ron Butschle has taken over the administrative role after teaching at Seneca for twelve years.

Mr. Butschle is not new to the duties of scholastic responsibility, however. Having taught Argument, Newspaper, and English classes in the past, Mr. Butschle is set to use his experiences that he gathered over his career in education to take over the role that will see him in charge of the over one thousand high school students that make up the eleventh and twelfth grade classes at Seneca Valley.

It is the collection of these past experiences that will help Mr. Butschle succeed in his new-found disciplinary role. Even though he served as a Dean of Students years ago at Sto-Rox High School, Mr. Butschle is still “looking forward to the new challenges” that being Dean of such a big school will bring to the table.

Even though he will no longer be head of the SV newspaper department, Mr. Butschle is still planning on remaining up to date with the Seneca Scout. “I will make it a point to stay up to date with the programs (both newspaper and argument). They have been the most enjoyable things that I have ever taught.”

When asked what he will miss most about teaching his assorted language arts classes, Mr. Butschle said, “The daily interaction with the same, smaller sets of students.” But he is simultaneously looking forward to his new position’s merits, sharing that he is enthusiastic about being able to “remove barriers” that high school students may have in their lives and prevent problems before they happen.

While Mr. Butschle will unfortunately be unable to continue to teach the curricula of the classes that he has in years past, he has been able to hold on to another one of his positions at Seneca Valley. The 2016-2017 football season will see Butschle coaching the Seneca Valley Varsity team as an offensive coordinator.

Mr. Butschle believes that the team’s potential success will rely on the leadership abilities of the team’s players, a trait that he himself surely helped to bestow upon some of them since he has taught many of the players during his tenure at Seneca Valley.

Between football, teaching, and now administration, Mr. Butschle’s list of accomplishments continues to grow as the new year commences.