Library Anticipates Arrival Of New Furniture

Shannon Turgeon, News Editor

It’s no secret that one of the most popular spots in the Senior High School is the library. With computers, books, and tables that students can sit at with their friends, the library offers something for everyone. Sometime in the near future, the library will be adding another great feature: new chairs. The Seneca Scout interviewed Mr. Stebbins, the Senior High librarian, to get the details on this exciting addition to our school.

Mr. Stebbins stated that the library decided to get new chairs to “try and establish a new, relaxing atmosphere for the library.” He hopes that the chairs will help promote this new atmosphere, where students will be invited to do homework, work with friends, and relax. Mr. Stebbins also explained that these new chairs will be upholstered lounge chairs, similar to the ones that could be found in a home or dorm, as opposed to the old plastic ones.

The exact date that the chairs will arrive is unknown, but Mr. Stebbins predicts that they will be here sometime in October.  He also mentioned that he had a few other ideas for the library this year, and that students should watch for new changes.

These new chairs are eagerly anticipated among students, and once they arrive, they will surely keep everyone returning to the library. Anyone with more questions about the chairs or about the library in general is encouraged to contact Mr. Stebbins.