Opening the Jar

Oh no… college!


Welcome to Opening the Jar, the second edition! I am honored to be back for a second article.

This time we will talk about college. As a senior in high school, college is on my mind all the time. Most second semester seniors know where they are going to attend school in the fall, however I do not. It is late, but if you are in the same boat as me, don’t freak out. All I have to say is decide as soon as possible.

The three schools that a lot of people from Seneca are going to next year are Kent State University, Slippery Rock University and Penn State University. Penn State didn’t surprise me and Slippery Rock didn’t really either, but Kent did. I just feel like the amount of people going to Kent is odd. Don’t get me wrong, Kent is a great school, and I am actually considering it too, but there’s just so many people.

Also, since we are on the topic of seniors and college – senioritis is killing me. I have no motivation to do anything in school. It’s literally so bad. Although my grades are not bad, like at all. Weird am I right?! I hope every other senior has senioritis as bad as me.

Now back to college. I don’t understand how people are so ready to leave high school. I think it sucks to wake up everyday before the sun rises and being stuck at school all day long, but I still don’t want to leave. I am not ready to grow up and be independent.¬†How is everyone ready? I cant imagine not living at my house or not seeing my parents or dog every day. Man that’s what really gets me, not being with my dog. Don’t get me wrong not seeing my parents will be really hard too, but not seeing my dog?!