Is the new BnDz worth a visit?

Ben Snell and Patrick Inman

BnDz is a brand local Pittsburgh chain restaurant that recently had a location open in Cranberry Township. The acronym stands for “burgerz and dogz,” and both are premium features of this restaurant.

Kiara, Ben, and I decided to test out the new eatery, and all of us were very impressed. Here are our thoughts on what BnDz has to offer, and if it is worthwhile to spend your money at.

Patrick: I did not have high expectations going into this review as I thought BnDz would be a failed attempt to make burgers and hot dogs more elaborate than they are supposed to be. However, I was pleasantly  surprised. The menu had several specialty burgers such as the “buffalo bison burger,” which seemed especially intriguing to me.

I counted at least 6 specialty hot dogs, including the chili cheese one, which I ordered with fries. Milkshakes, salads, and wraps are all featured on the menu as well which was a delightful surprise as it adds variety for those who wish to be a little healthier.

The chili cheese dog was an absolute gem. By far, one of the best hot dogs I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The fries were highly addictive, which can be good or bad depending on preference.

The seating was good and plentiful, same with scenery. As far as prices go, most of the burgers were between 8 and 12 dollars. The majority of hot dogs were 3.75, the wraps were around 8 dollars and salads around 10 dollars.

Overall, I would highly recommend BnDz to anyone that wants a quick bite to eat, but something a little more unique than fast food.

Ben- Situated next to the Freedom Square Diner along Freedom Road, BznDz specializes in, you guessed it, fresh burgers and hotdogs. The restaurant also offers multiple variations of milkshakes, appetizers and fries, along with salads and wraps.

As for burgers and hotdogs, they have fourteen different specialty creations, as well as a “build your own burger or dog” option. I went with the build your own burger option, ordering a beef burger topped with bacon, barbeque sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce, all placed between a toasty brioche bun. I also went for the combo option which added a standard twenty-one ounce drink and a huge basket of fries (or coleslaw) that could easily have been shared.

The burger wasn’t terrible and I enjoyed eating it, however the fries were outstanding. If you were to accompany the restaurant with a group, I’d recommend ordering the gargantuan two pound heap topped with cheese, mac-n-cheese, and topped off with bacon nicknamed the “Mound O’ Fries”.

If looking for something on the healthier side, BznDz also offers up multiple different salads or wraps, such as the Dinner Salad or a balsamic garden wrap.

The restaurant’s décor was spot on and exactly what you’d expect and the music choice was modern and fresh.

BznDz is a new take on quick, easy, and tasty burgers that I would seriously consider if going out with a group of friends. The relatively cheap prices, and good atmosphere made the overall experience worth-while.

Seneca Scout Overall Review: 8/10

pros: good music/vibe, good food, many options (not just burgers and hotdogs), cheap prices, nice staff

cons: single-room bathroom