How To Choose Your Senior Quote

Krist Muñoz-Malavé, Staff Writer

So you’re a Seneca Valley Senior High School senior, huh? Right about now the weight of immense responsibility at a time of greatest irresponsibility is crushing you as grades, college, debt, and life crashes all around you. And to distract yourself, you’re naturally ignoring the insane workload you have and instead pondering your prom outfit and of course what your senior quote should be.

Me too, buddy, me too.

If you’ve been searching high and low for a way to choose your senior quote, look no further. Today, I will guide you with some tips and tricks on how to choose that oh-so-perfect senior quote. Well. Maybe.

The first step to choosing your senior quote is not getting caught up on the details. I’m sorry, but no matter what you do you will sound either pretentious, cliche, or stereotypical in some way or form. That is, of course, unless you take the comedic route but that has its own complicated vices that we’ll get to in a moment.

Okay, so you’ve accepted that all humans are cheesy and that you are too. Great. Now, you have to look within yourself and ask “How do I wanna present myself?”

Are you philosophical, artsy, sporty? Pick the trait you want people to remember you by and run with it. However, be warned, this trait will forever be attached to your name when you go to reunions ten years from now to see you people you somehow dislike more than you do now.

Now that you’ve picked your trait, it’s a matter of brainstorming ideas and picking the best one.  Don’t let this part drag on for too long either just go with your gut. But if you are going for comedy, do think your quote through wisely. If your joke is lame, offensive, or just not tasteful then you’ll forever be remembered as that one guy that really tries but just isn’t funny. Also, make sure to be original but also don’t stress about making the punchline too complex. Keep it simple.

Well now you are ready to take on the world of choosing senior quotes and going back to the stuff you desperately need to do (apply to that one college already, dude, the deadline is soon). Although, you may not be ready to pick your senior quote at all. I haven’t even picked mine, so I really shouldn’t be giving advice on the matter.

Eh, I’ll probably just go with “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” or something.


**Adviser’s note:  The yearbook adviser and senior high principal do indeed read and review each and every senior quote submitted.  Not all quotes will be approved and printed in the final book.