Why You Shouldn’t Support Hillary Clinton

Joe Demeis, Staff Writer

Our country’s well-being is in jeopardy.

According to washingtonpost.com, the United States is in 19.8 trillion dollars worth of debt. The national debt increases each and every second of the day. President Obama has added more than 7.4 trillion dollars to the debt since taking office in 2008.

As you may know, the presidential election is on Tuesday, November 8. The next president will be forced to take on the rapidly increasing debt and many other issues involved with this country.

Barack Obama’s presidency has been a disaster. Hillary Clinton plans to continue his “legacy” as President of the United States.

Obamacare has failed miserably. Clinton supports the Affordable Care Act and plans to expand it if she gets into office. According to CNN, she says it is “one of the great accomplishments not only of this president, but of the Democratic Party going back to Harry Truman.”

One of the centerpieces of the Clinton campaign is to create jobs for Americans. She is in incapable of this. Here’s why: Hillary Clinton ran for the New York Senate position and won in 2001. She said that she would bring at least 200,000 jobs to New York. She was unable to keep that promise; her job plans were a bust. According to Forbes, manufacturing jobs fell 25 percent. Additionally, in an interview with Fox News, Eric Trump said that New York lost 8,000 jobs during Clinton’s tenure.

How can Hillary Clinton bring millions of jobs to the American people if she cannot create any new jobs in a single state of this country?

There are many other reasons why we should not elect the former secretary of state to be the next president of the U.S.:

  1. Email Server Scandal

As the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton used a private email server for official communications. This violated the State Department’s procedures and protocols. She claims that she did not ever send or receive any classified information on the server.

Also, according to Fox News, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that foreign nations hacked into Clinton’s private email server. This could put our country in serious danger. In the future, these nations could use the information gained from Clinton’s email server against her, as President, and the U.S. Very sensitive and classified information was exposed. This was extremely careless and stupid on the part of Hillary Clinton.

  1. She is a compulsive liar.

For example, when Hillary Clinton was First Lady, she traveled to Bosnia to meet with the U.S. troops stationed there. Upon her return, she told the press that she had fallen under sniper fire as soon as she arrived at the airport. This was false.

  1. She is not for all women.

For instance, on January 28, 1998, Hillary Clinton issued a threat to all of Bill Clinton’s rape, sexual assault, and infidelity accusers. It was a clear, but hidden message of intimidation to his accusers. Hillary called Bill’s accusers some nasty things, too. I would include the names that she gave them, but they are very inappropriate. It makes me sick when she says that Donald Trump should not be allowed to run for President because of the comments he made about women on a bus in 2005. What she did and said is much worse; it was despicable and plain wrong.

Also, the Clinton Foundation accepts millions of dollars in donations from foreign nations that disrespect, degrade, and hate on women and homosexuals. I do not want to get into the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. I can write an entire five-page essay on it.

  1. Benghazi

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, an outpost in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. Four Americans were killed. It was a terrorist attack on our country, and she refused to admit it. Charles Woods, the father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods who was killed during the attack, and multiple other sources say that Clinton lied to the faces of the four victims’ families and the American people. She claimed that an anti-Muslim YouTube video caused the attack. There were no protests in Benghazi that day. Once again, she told a lie.

The embassy’s security was inadequate and weak. There were hundreds of requests and concerns sent from Libya to Secretary Clinton via email, but nothing was done to up security at the outpost in Benghazi.

This event was the beginning of Clinton’s email scandal.

  1. All she cares about is votes. Clinton has been known to change many of her political and social views throughout the course of her political career.

For example, according to Politifact, Clinton expressed her support of same-sex marriage for the first time in 2013. Before 2013, Clinton was openly against gay marriage. In January of 2000, Clinton expressed her stance at a news conference in White Plains, “Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.” This is only one of the many instances where Hillary Clinton has said that she does not support same-sex marriage.

Long story short, do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Her political career has been filled with scandals, federal investigations, lies, and very few accomplishments. She only cares about getting elected. If you are thinking that this woman cares about you, you are just another one of the millions that she has fooled. Clinton is a political machine.

I am not a Donald Trump supporter, but I think we should take a chance with him as an outsider.

Just ask yourself, “Do you like where this country is headed?” If you answered, “Yes”, vote for Mrs. Clinton. Most people would say, “No”, so I recommend that you vote for Mr. Trump; he is the only other candidate who has a chance to beat her.