Controversy over the new iPhone X

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the newest iPhone (iPhone X or ten) is dropping soon according to a statement made Sept. 12.

Apple’s newest phone is supposed to have success because of the new and improved physical features it has to offer for the user. According to the Apple website, the phone has great features such as rounded edges, 5.8 inch screen, durable glass, curvy design, and much more.

The iPhone X is going on the market for $999 in the United States and even more in different countries. People are asking if it is worth their money to have this phone. Unlike any other iPhone, This is entirely screen except for the selfie camera at the very top. The X does not provide a home button on the front of the screen like all of the other iPhones ever created. Instead, the user must swipe and use the new setting for the phone to analyze your face for your password.

Another new setting is there is a wireless charging mat that the user can use and charge anywhere like hotels, cars, cafes, airports, and more locations.This new iPhone has the ability to charge must faster than any of the other Apple branded phones with the help of a specially designed cable that would need to be purchased.

Apple announced that the X will be released November 3, 2017 along with the iPhone 8 and 8s. Preorders will be allowed October 23, 2017 with the earliest delivery date of November 3, 2017.