Boy found 13 years after abduction

Boy found 13 years after abduction

Chloe Ruffennach, Staff Writer

A young boy, who was reportedly abducted by his father 13 years ago in 2002, has been found as of November 6th, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.

When Julian Hernandez was merely five years old, he was taken by his father, Bobby Hernandez, from his mother’s custody back in August 28 of 2002.

Bobby Hernandez reportedly mysteriously abducted his son back in 2002 in a noncustodial marriage abduction, just south of Birmingham, Alabama, according to the Vestavia Hills Police Department.

After more than a decade of being missing, and untraceable by the FBI, Julian Hernandez was finally found after the Vestavia Hills police department were contacted by the FBI on Sunday about a missing child in Cleveland.

Julian Hemandez’s whereabouts were discovered when he attempted to apply for Brandon Falls College according to CNN’s website. Hemandez reportedly ran into problems when his Social Security number didn’t match his name during the application process.

A school counselor then decided to work with him to determine the cause of the error. It was then that they found out that Hernandez was on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database.

The Vestavia Hills Police Department then worked with the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force in Cleveland, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Birmingham Division of the FBI according to CNN.

As for Julian’ Hernandez’s father, Bobby Hernandez, he was arrested on Monday, November 2nd for the abduction of his son. However, according to CNN, the court records from Cuyahoga County in Ohio have not released the specific charges against him.

Bobby Hernandez has since been seen in court since his arrest. He made his first appearance in the Cuyahoga County Court on Wednesday, November 3rd. His bond was set at $250 and his preliminary hearing has been set for November 12, according to CNN’s website.

Not only will Hernandez face charges in Ohio for the abduction of his son, but he is also said to receive charges from Jefferson County, Alabama. CNN also reported that they may add on additional charge.

Julian Hernandez has since released a statement through the FBI according to In the statement, Hernandez pleaded for privacy when he stated,

“I ask that you respect my privacy and the privacy of my school, my school’s faculty, my friends, and my neighbors. At this point, I just simply want to be normal. I want to go through my day like I did before this week, just being a normal 18-year-old. I have goals that I am striving to meet so please, again, respect my request for privacy. Please, no more spotlights, no more cameras, no more reporters sneaking into my school or showing up at my house and no more microphones in my face. I just want to be left alone.”

After over a decade of being separated, Julian Hernandez has been reunited with his mother and family.

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