Mother of four ‘accidently’ wins 14 million

Nicole Jelinek, Entertainment Editor

Spending one more dollar than normal really paid of for Thuan Le, mother of four from Vietnam, in Orange County when she won 14 million dollars earlier this week.

Le bought her winning ‘SuperLotto Plus’ last week at a Mission Viejo CVS, where she normally only buys $4 worth of Powerball tickets and $1 on a SuperLotto Plus ticket when she stops there.

Le told NBC that she accidentally put 6 dollars, rather than her normal 5, into the self-service machine so she figured she would try her luck with 2 SuperLotto Plus tickets.

According to a news release from California Lottery, when Le checked her tickets, and the one matched up perfectly, she reportedly ran screaming from the store.

According to an article on, Le’s sons thought she was joking when she called to tell them.

“We thought she was joking,” one son told Lotto officials, “but we thought would  she really joke like this? My older brother said, ‘yes, she would.’”

Le has not spoke out officially about what she wants to do with her winnings, but sources have said she plans to buy a house and travel to visit her parents in Vietnam.

Also according to, “Le’s lucky numbers were 5, 33, 25, 46, 32, and the Mega number 26. CVS Pharmacy will receive a bonus of one half percent, or $70,000, for selling the winning ticket.”