Google Glasses: the Newest Gadget from Google

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

Google is known for many things including having one of the most common search engines in the world and its advanced technologies.  However, now Google is truly shooting for the stars with a new invention.  The new technology that Google is producing is not a new phone, search engine or computer, but a pair of very futuristic glasses.

The glasses are called Google Glasses and are supposedly where the future of technology is headed.  The glasses allow people to view all of their digital information, such as their Facebook or Twitter accounts, on top of what the person is really seeing ahead of them physically.

According to Google employees the glasses are supposed to go on sale for the public to buy around the end of this year.  These glasses are going to range in price anywhere from $250 to $600 which is roughly about the same as a new smart phone.

However, for some Google fans waiting until the end of the year is just too long.  For those eager people Google has a solution for them in the form of an application.

People have to go to either their Google+ or Twitter accounts, and once they are there, they have to explain how they would use Google Glasses in 50 words or less, using the hash tag #ifihadglass.  Also, these few prototypes that Google will release to a lucky few applicants will cost around $1,500.

The glasses are supposed to have 3G or 4G data connection and a variety of sensors which include motion and GPS sensations.  These glasses will be based off of an Android processing system.  Supposedly the glasses are not to be worn constantly, but in moderation of an hour or two at a time according Google employees.

In addition to having your social network pop up in front of your face while you walk, the glasses are also equipped with a very powerful camera.  The camera not only will take certain photos that you want to see, but it will automatically photograph all of what they see.