Citizens in all 50 States File Petitions to Secede

Liam Millroy, Staff Writer

Residents in all 50 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States of America.   In order for these petitions to make a statement, they need to each gather at least twenty-five thousand signatures in 30 days following the secession petitions being filed, and if they can gather that many signatures, these petitions will be reviewed by President Obama and a reply will be issued.

A few groups of people throughout Texas, who filed to secede the day after the re-election of President Obama, have gotten over one hundred thousand signatures to date and counting.  This stays true for a few other states who are trying to take a stand.  This is an attempt by the people who are unhappy with the current situation of the country to take a stand and let it be known that they aren’t happy. 

Unfortunately for them, it would be almost impossible for any person or state to secede from the Union because it’s not something that a president would ever agree to.  The only way something like this would happen would be if they had full support from the state, and the country was in much worse shape than it is today.

Different members of the government are doing their best to distance themselves from these petitions.  Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a staunch republican and not a huge supporter of the president, had his secretary release this statement: “Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it. But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government.” 

This is probably the most common view of Americans that aren’t happen with the current state of our country, but they aren’t extreme enough to want to secede.

When these secession petitions first started to come out, they were only in some of the more prominently conservative states.  Now that all fifty states have done so, it seems that Americans have taken notice.  The most probable result of all of this is that the president will realize how divided our country is, and he and the congress can work together to resolve some of the issues. 

One positive of this is that it shows that we as Americans have a voice, and when chosen to use it, it can have a profound impact on the country and people, now and in the future.