Baby Rhino Born at the Pittsburgh Zoo!


Melissa John, Staff Writer

What is seventy pounds and bouncing all around its new home? You guessed it- the new baby Black Rhinoceros at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. For the fist time in over forty-five years, a black rhinoceros was introduced to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Born to mother, Azizi, the new baby is sure to be a huge hit at the zoo.

Although the baby is finally here and up and running, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo stated staff will keep the rhino under watch behind the scenes until enough bonding time has been issued. The public can expect to be able to view the new rhino when weather conditions look better for this African Native.

With the rhino population decreasing drastically in the last decade, only 4,800 Black Rhinoceros are left in the wild. Poaching is to blame for a lot of these population depletions, but intensive efforts to end this illegal act have slowly been helping.