Cranberry’s construction paves way for incoming restaurants

The year 2017 has been hectic for Cranberry Township residents. Construction has taken over the township causing excessive traffic and frustrating everyone.  Although, “Cranberrians” appear to be looking forward to the new restaurants and stores opening, so then is the traffic worth it?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a favorite of many, but avoided because of the ridiculous line. Another Chipotle is now open on Mackenzie Way, on the opposite side of the original Chipotle. Chipotle appeals to so many because it is one of few Mexican restaurants that is fast food.

Also, across the street from the very much needed Chipotle, a Cracker Barrel is being built. Cracker Barrel is not only a family friendly restaurant, it is also an Old Time Country Store. Both the restaurant and store will be at the Cranberry location.

The development plans have only been approved recently, however. Due to the concern of parking, the restaurant will only have one hundred and forty available spaces for their customers.

In the same location as Cracker Barrel a new hotel is planned to be built, The Element Hotel, by The Marriott. To settle is parking issue for both companies they decided on this compromise, agreeing to share parking.

The delicious Patron Mexican Grill is famous for its authentic Mexican dishes. Currently, Patron is being built in the space where On The Border once was. Patron only has four locations in Pittsburgh as of right now. Cranberry is lucky enough to be the fifth.

Cranberry is home to few delis, not anymore. Nicks on 19 is a deli that will be on Route 19 in no time. It will be perfect for a quick bite while on the run.

It looks like Route 228 and 19 are going to be even busier with lots of hungry people later this year. The busy year of construction is almost at its end, Cranberry residents will only have excessive traffic for a little while longer.