Inbound Set to Release New Album

Chloe Ruffennach, Staff Writer

The local high school band, Inbound, is continuing to create their first ever full album, currently named Teenage Therapy.

The band began working on the album back in October of 2016 and plans to have the album completed and available for purchase on several platforms by summer of 2017.

Guitarist Alex Restauri has made the album’s completion a personal priority by taking on the task as his graduation project. Therefore, he is under considerable pressure to complete it by the senior project due date on April 7.

Restauri commented on this, saying, “I have a schedule to follow and the fact that I’m doing this for school makes me want to do it and I need to work hard.”

Teenage Therapy is set to feature a total of 16 songs which makes a huge difference when compared to the self-titled EP Inbound released last summer that featured a mere 4 tracks. As of January 19, the band has only completed the first song on the album, leaving much work to be completed by Restauri and his band.

All of the tracks set to be featured on the Inbound album are original pieces written and produced by the band. Restauri and bassist Nate Cooper reportedly collaborated on the majority of lyrics and all of the instrumentals have been created through their own creation and editing.

The album follows an original tale, with each song adding to the “plot”. Cooper said, “That’s what we decided to do with Teenage Therapy; we wanted to base it off a story. We don’t want to force the story down our audience’s throats or give away too much, but it revolves very simply around a boy falling for a girl.

Cooper elaborated on the album and told the Seneca Scout, “The goal of the band always to release original music in a professional album format. The band, myself including, always wanted to make something that we could be proud of. The working title of the album right now is “Teenage Therapy” and it’s all written and well-rehearsed with drums and bass recorded, we just have to record guitars and vocals.

Teenage Therapy pulls from many inspirations, but according to Cooper, the album is heavily influenced by concept albums. He stated, “I always liked listening to concept albums, albums that tell a linear story like The Wall, American Idiot, and the like, and even if I didn’t enjoy the music of other concept albums, I always appreciated the artistic statement that existed in the creation of a linear, story-telling record.”

Cooper continued to discussed the album’s influences, saying, “Musically it’s taking influence from Green Day, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Sum 41, among a few others, each song reflecting different influences and styles.”

He continued, “Overall it’s going to be an awesome accomplishment and we plan to have it completed and released at some point in the summer. We’re really excited about it and can’t wait until it’s finished for all to hear.”

The band hopes to release their album to the public this summer but they currently do not have a date set. Like their self-titled EP, their music will be accessible through Spotify, Apple Music, available for purchase on iTunes, and many other music-playing mediums.