Six Seneca bands play at Jergels

Alex Restauri, Writer

On Sunday, September 18th , 6  rock bands from the Seneca Valley school district performed song at the well known Jergels Rhythm Bar and Grill. Bands included Inbound, Beige on White, Escape, Bad Machine, In Harmony, and Torque. These bands are apart of the summer rock and roll program called “Rock Shop”, founded and ran by Duane Davis from Harmony, PA.

Jergels is a very nice place to hear live music. It has great food and provides great entertainment. They book big time artists and bands such as Don McLean (The artist who wrote American Pie), Bret Michaels, and coming this month .38 Special!

The Rock Shop program runs through out the summer where Davis would put together bands of middle and high school students and with prior experience with the instrument that they play. The bands have time to learn songs then will have 3 or 4 gigs to perform them. Once every week, the students go into his professional studio (where he hold lessons in the fall and winter) and they learn covers of popular songs. “Duane is a pro, he listens to the song, and makes it sound exactly like the song! He is great!” said rock shop student and drummer of Inbound Nolan Allen.

All six bands had two prior gigs, one in August at Jergels and the other at the Strand Theatre in Zelienople, PA. In the beginning of October, the bands will have their last organized show together at the Strand.

“Jergels was the best sounding show yet! Every band sounded great and you could tell they knew what they were doing!” said Inbound Guitarist Alex Carter. The set opened with the band In Harmony. They have a real indie sound with songs such as Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. They showed they could also turn up the Volume with the popular Blink 182 song, All the Small Things.

Next was Beige on White. If you love 80’s and 90’s classics, you would love Beige on White! With all round talent, including singer Abby Fisher, they can pull of bands such as Guns n’ Roses and Smashing Pumpkins! They are very tight and seem to enjoy being on the stage, not to mention their Beige on White outfits.

After Beige on White came Torque. Torque has so much diversity with their sound. They played songs such a Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix and the Dynamic Alternative Rock song that is Kryptonite by Three Doors Down! Shout out to SV student Zach Gehm and guitarist Sam Guerrini! Great show guys!

A ton of people showed up for the band Bad Machine! The band sounded great, playing the classic Led Zeppelin song Moby Dick and paying tribute to the legend Prince with Purple Rain! A vocal  and guitar performance by Senior, Zach Cratsley and a great story that is their drummer Max. Max is blind, and sounded the most tight on his instrument, playing the giant drum solo to Moby Dick perfectly! Unreal sound, everyone should defiantly check them out!

You can always count on Escape to put on a great show! With Mae Carpenter as the lead singer, they can belt songs such as Welcome to the Black Parade and Teenage Dirtbag, which are both very tricky and complex songs. They play both songs so well and had a fantastic show. Everyone should listen to them play!

The final band to play was the local band made of all SV students, Inbound. They put on an electric show with their high energy and band chemistry. They play a mix of covers and original songs off their EP and their upcoming album. The band consists of Alex Carter, Mike Trauman, Alex Restauri, Nate Cooper, and Nolan Allen. If you want to see more information on Inbound, check out their website, . Great stuff!

The next and last opportunity to see all of these bands are on Sunday October 9th at the Strand Theater in Zelienople.