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Fashion Trend: Quiet Luxury

What is Quiet Luxury?
The quiet luxury is a style where we use mostly basic pieces. The difference between this style and others ones that are based on simple and versatile clothes is that Quiet Luxury prioritizes the use of good quality pieces. In this case, the term “good quality” is referring to good cut, structure and fabrics. It is not only the quality that makes the style different, but also that in this style, we can play using colors.

Is this affecting the fashion industry?
Unfortunately, the fashion industry is being affected by the social media stream, meaning that they are starting to follow the trends a little bit more rather than dictating them. “Fashion trends are a dynamic and fascinating phenomenon, shaped by a combination of influential forces. They start with runway showcases, celebrity endorsements, and influencer inspirations, but it’s the collective adoption by the masses that cements their status,” said MMS clothing. The brand Miu Miu has a big influence on the trends and in their last runways, we received more “Usable” pieces.

When you think about Tik tok or Instagram trends of 2023, we remember the so called “Clean girls,” “Old money,” or “vanilla girls.” When you put them all together you start noticing that they are basically the same thing, what bring us to our conclusion: When runways produce basic (not shocking) collections, the trends turn into basic styles and the more basic it is, the easier it is to generalize; in other words, to becomes the same thing.

Pros and cons in our lives:
If you want to follow this trend, you should buy versatile clothes that can become staple pieces, and in the long-term it is economic, because you can “plug” those pieces in other styles, using it as a base. The cons about only investing in basic clothes is that you do not show that much personality, because they are easy to find, thus leaving you the same as everyone else if you don’t know how to style them.

Essential pieces:
As the name says, this style shows extravagant living in a quiet way. It can be contradictory but it can be possible when you don’t focus in showing brands and do focus in wear quality clothes.

Some celebrities to look up to when styling are Victoria Beckham, Hilary Duff, Anna Hathaway, and Sophia Richie.

Here are some more examples of the Quiet Luxury trend:
– neutral colors purse without logos

– Maxi skirts are a good way to stand out from the crowd

– Fabrics: Silk, satin, mesh, and cotton
– T-shirts more sophisticated and well-tailored
– Simple jewelry

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