Battle of the Sexes: Valentine’s Day expectations

Patrick Inman and Sarah Ierino

Love is in the air. It’s that time of the year again where couples put all issues aside to enjoy each other’s company, and single people drown in their own misery or celebrate because they aren’t tied down yet.

As Valentine’s Day approaches each year, couple’s tend to set expectations in their head as to what the day should look like as opposed to what actually happens.

For this segment in the Battle of the Sexes series, Sarah and I both express our viewpoints as to what we expect from our significant others during this holiday, as well as what most couples tend to expect.

Patrick- Honestly, I have never really understood this holiday. Why are individuals expected to show a bunch of love on one day? Why can’t we express our love to others everyday instead? This is the first year where I am in a relationship heading into this holiday, and I don’t have an expectations from my significant other. We aren’t doing anything special for it. We both agreed it really isn’t anything special and I will probably just get flowers for her. Stereotypically, girls usually expect gifts and a fun day or anything of that nature and guys want to provide all of that for them. However, I just find the whole concept a bit silly since I believe everyone should show love to the people they care about all the time rather than on some random, man-made holiday.

Sarah- Valentine’s Day is just a day dedicated to romance and love, whether you are by yourself or with a significant other. Love your friends, your family, your dog, your cat, everyone deserves to feel loved! Typically there is a heavy emphasis on couples during the Valentine’s Day season. This is the second year I have gone into Valentine’s Day with the same guy and for that reason my expectations are not super high. We will most likely go out to a nice dinner just like we did last year. We are in high school, though, why not have some fun and plan a fun date or exchange cute little heart shaped candies. We are only young once! Valentine’s Day is only fun if you make it fun, single or not. People hate on Valentine’s Day like its a requirement, but it’s not. In my opinion, I don’t understand why anyone would hate it just because they were single because love doesn’t need the label of a couple. It’s a good feeling to see everyone so happy and appreciating everyone or that special someone in their lives so stop hating on Valentine’s Day and buy a cute teddy bear because… why not?

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from the Seneca Scout!