SV Students share most embarrassing moments

Patrick Inman, Staff Writer

Throughout high school, there are countless awkward and embarrassing experiences students go through. Whether it was a student’s first kiss, a classroom speech, or falling down the stairs and getting detention for it (yes, that actually happened), students all go through situations such as these.

The question “What is the most embarrassing or awkward moment during high school for you?” was asked to several students at Seneca Valley.

Sophia Fricioni, a junior at SV, recounts her most embarrassing moment in high school, “I was in English class, It was freshman year. I had really bad hiccups and my teacher told me to go get a drink, so I got up to go and tripped and fell on my face on the student’s backpack right in front of me. The worst part was, I was wearing a dress and heels and I went the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable.”

Another junior at SV, Olivia Matthews, provided her most embarrassing story from high school, “I remember when  Seneca Valley played the WPIAL championship game at Heinz Field. I was sitting in my seat and then got up to get food. I was gone for about 15 minutes, then came back to my seat. When I sat down, I realized that I needed to text my friend to meet up with him.

I first looked in my bag and my phone wasn’t there. Then I looked all around me, and still no phone. I asked everybody around me and was told about 5 minutes before I sat down that there was a guy asking if anybody had lost a phone. I was so embarrassed when everybody stared at me. I went to the security guard and asked him if anybody found a missing phone, and he ended up taking me to Guest Services.

I walked in, and explained to them the story. Sadly, most of laughed at me. This experience left me wondering how I could possibly lose a phone within 10 minutes. They ended up finding my phone, but I’m still figuring out how something like that could happen.”

Ashley Linton, a junior at SV, talked about her awkward encounter with a person in her car, “I was about to drive home after track practice and I turned on the radio. The song, Let me love you by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber came on and I started singing to it.

About halfway through the song, I noticed something in the back seat of my car and it was one of my teammates filming me from my backseat! I freaked out and yelled for her to get out of my car, then drove away as fast as I could to avoid the embarrassment.

After awhile, I did find it funny. However, at the time it was brutally awkward.”