Apple pie, or pumpkin pie? The burning question for Thanksgiving.

Patrick Inman, Staff Writer

It is that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, and the weather is getting colder. As families all across the nation prepare for the annual feast on Thanksgiving, one major argument that is bound to erupt is what dessert should be prepared for Thanksgiving?

According to a 2015 study, the two most popular fall-season desserts consisted of apple pie or pumpkin pie. For decades many families have been torn apart by this major dilemma. In order to finally crown a king for the best seasonal dessert, a test was needed.

A survey was conducted at Seneca Valley Senior High School to determine which dessert was more popular. The question, “Which dessert is your favorite during the fall season: apple pie or pumpkin pie?” was asked to 50 random students at Seneca Valley. In a tightly contested contest, pumpkin pie won with 27, to apple pie’s 23 votes.

In order to receive a more conclusive answer, another study needed to be conducted. A total of 30 teachers were asked the same exact question, but the results were much different this time around. There were 20 votes for apple pie, and only 10 for pumpkin pie. Oh no.

Neither survey provided a clear winner. A bit more research was needed.

The overall health of each pie was taken into account. took a look at one slice of each pie, and determined which was the better choice, in terms of health, overall.

The study showed that pumpkin pie was the healthier choice. The average slice of pumpkin pie was found to contain a whopping 43 grams less sugar than apple pie. In addition to that, an average slice of pumpkin pie contained 284 calories, whereas an average slice of apple pie contained 370 calories.

In terms of total fat, Pumpkin pie won that contest too. The pumpkin pie slice used for the study contained 11 grams of fat, and the apple pie contained 19 grams of fat. Pumpkin pie is the way to go for the nutritionists out there*.

What about the others? What about the people who wish to indulge in their favorite seasonal dessert without concern for their health? Which is the best dessert for those individuals? That question may need to be decided by the consumer.

The king of desserts has still yet to be determined. Unfortunately, the arguments over dessert will continue until sufficient evidence is presented to crown a winner. In the meantime, spend the holidays binge-eating, napping, and enjoying time with family.


*Editor’s note:  these numbers reflect the pie itself.  They do not include the entire can of Readi-Whip that some people will put on top of their slice of pie.