Seniors on SV Pom Pons team prepare to participate for the last year


Chloe Ruffennach, Staff writer

The 2017 school year marks the end of an era for seniors on the Seneca Valley Pom Pons team.

Seneca Valley is noted for their school pride and abundance of activities and extracurricular programs. As with every activity, the Seneca Valley Pom Pons team consists of many different grade levels, including several seniors who are preparing to graduate and pass the torch to the next wave of students.

This year, Pom Pons team Captain Anna Stewart described the year as “bittersweet.” She told the Seneca Scout, “It’s all kind of sad. It makes me enjoy things more because I know it won’t last much longer. I just try to keep a positive outlook on it and express that in practice and stuff.”

Fellow senior Poms member, Sophie Dilts agreed. She stated, “I’ve been in Poms for a while now. It’s sad to think about leaving the team. It’s really hard realizing that this is your last chance and you won’t be back next year. It makes you want to do better in a way and perform better.”

As with any other club, a new school year implies new activities. Specifically, new routines for the Poms team to learn and songs to choreograph dances to.

When asked about the difference between this year, her final year, and previous ones, Stewart responded, “I mean it’s a new team with new captains and new songs. So I suppose it’s different in that sense. Other than that there’s only the feeling of things being bittersweet that sets the years apart.”

The team is currently engaged in the football season and now preform on the field to songs like “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy and “Sin” by Pentatonix during half time shows. Stewart commented on the song selection and said, “These songs are better than last year, in my opinion. Actually, I think it’s better than any of the routines we’ve had before. I really like the choices this year.”

When asked about their expectations for the football season, Stewart responded, “I just hope we do well. That’s an obvious answer.” Dilts added onto Stewart’s comments and stated, “Especially this year. This is the last year we get to be a part of this. I just hope we do really well. I’m expecting us to, at least.”



(Photo provided by Anna Stewart)