The face behind SV Compliments

Tommy Conroy, Staff Writer

SV Compliments is an Instagram page with a simple goal: to spread happiness and encourage unity throughout Seneca Valley. For most of its lifespan, the page had been run anonymously, with the owner of the account not seeking out praise or reward.

However, through a mishap this past June, the identity of the person behind SV Compliments was revealed: Senior Maddie Hardcastle.

Hardcastle detailed the incident in which her identity came to light. She looked to make a donation through the SV Compliments page to a student’s GoFundMe account that would support said student’s aspiration of going to the Miss America pageant.

Hardcastle’s anonymous donation through the account came with a caveat: showing her Facebook profile picture directly next to the SV Compliments name. Realizing her mistake, Hardcastle decided to simply come out and reveal herself as the founder of the Instagram page.

“[The response was] overwhelmingly positive,” Hardcastle said. “I always kind of knew I was doing a good thing, but all the responses from people I had posted about validated that. Everyone was so nice and shared with me how much my posts meant to them.”

With 780 followers as of September 1st, 2016, the page has easily reached the wide audience that allow it to reach the most effect.

SV Compliment’s conception had a rather simple purpose. “I was going through a dark time in my life…and I realized that other people may be going through the same kinds of things. So I wanted to spread some positivity,” stated Hardcastle.

It would only take a quick perusal of the page itself to realize that she has achieve that goal outstandingly. There are currently 249 posts, with more and more being added very frequently. The comments on each post express the utmost gratitude, with the phrase “you’ve made my day” having been thrown around a lot.

Hardcastle also believed that created the page would help build a better sense of community. As the antithesis to the former SV Burns account, which featured numerous negative comments directed towards Seneca students, the account as well as the girl running it, have pursued a more altruistic goal. By spreading love and compassion, Hardcastle has made so many people realize the good in those around them who they only may see in passing while walking through the hallways or on the other sides of classrooms or alone at a lunch table.

When asked what her ultimate goal was with SV Compliments, Hardcastle gave a simple answer. “With every person I post about, I accomplish a new goal, and that is making someone’s day.”