Samsung Galaxy S4 Released to Public

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released on April 27th.  It seems to have the most software extras that any phone has had to date. Some of the new features includes eye-tracking software. This allows users to scroll on their phone just by looking.

Another feature is that the screen will not dim while you are looking at it. This also is used while watching videos on YouTube and Netflix, whenever you look away from the screen the S4 will actually pause the video while you are looking away and then continue playing when you look back at the screen.

The user can now also use a multi window function, meaning you can look at 2 apps at once on split screen. Some other new features is that you can take a picture from both the front and the back camera at the same time.

The S4 comes with a 1080p, 5 inch screen. It also comes with a quad processing system which gives the Galaxy blazing fast speed.

However some of the problems with the phone is that the plastic outside of the phone makes it look cheap and a lot like toy compared to other phones.  The other problem is that there are so many features on the phone, it is almost overwhelming for people to learn.