Hope for Humanity: Terminally-ill Boy Organizes Costume Drive

Melissa John, Staff Writer

In today’s busy world, it’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget about life’s daily miracles and wonders. Little six-year-old Nico Castro, diagnosed with brain cancer and currently residing at California’s Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, is one of the pure and astonishing examples in the world that  hope is still present  in today’s society.

Castro, having undergone his monthly chemotherapy one September afternoon, was delivered some of the best news any normal six-year-old would be used to hearing. Nico Castro was going to be able to go trick-or-treating this Halloween. Thrilled by the announcement, he quickly began thinking of the wide variety of costume ideas he would now have the opportunity of choosing. Before the limitless ideas came running through his mind however, Castro’s mind froze with the remembrance that the other kids currently undergoing medical procedures at the hospital would not be offered the same miracle Halloween wish that he was. With this thought, Nico took action.

After talking to his mother about his concern for the other children, they both decided to organize a costume drive in order to be able to hand deliver a costume to every patient at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center. This big task was not something that could be organized in a day, so the family started that night. Nico’s dad, Raul, helped develop the location of the drive- C&C Automotive Refinishing, the automotive body shop he owned. Friends and family of the Castro’s all joined in together and so far, they have raised $1,200 and collected 166 costumes.

When asked about his motivation for starting such a big project, Nico put it simply, “The kids in the hospital…they can’t go trick-or-treating.”

As for his own Halloween get-up, Nico will dress up as the Dark Knight, similar to his Batman costume last year. The reason: He wants something that covers his head, which is now bald as a result of chemotherapy.

This prime example is a heart warming and startling realization that there is still some hope for humanity.