Blazers, Owls, Denim- OH MY!

Junior Kourtnie Regan and Senior Kaitlyn Eagle were found in the same Stats class sporting blazers. Credit Melissa John.

Melissa John, Staff Writer

With the uprising of pumpkin spice lattes, towering candy displays, and grand openings set for the seasonal costume shops, we can all make a safe assumption as to what this means… fall is here.

So, what really hits the spot when it comes to falls spirit? You guessed it- fall fashion.

Not only do the words ‘fall fashion’ stick out for world renown designers and models, but even ordinary people can be seen rocking the newest and latest trends- including students here at Seneca Valley!

According to Teen Vogue’s “Fall Fashion Hit List”, this fall will be filled with a more retro look than what we are all familiar with. Striped and neon pants are making a comeback this season, as well as, the very versatile denim jacket. A fall essential, the scarf, is sure to be a hit and will be found in more elegant and silk designs this autumn. This trend especially is sure to make its way through Seneca Valley, and it can be seen as early as the first week in September.

Another sort of ‘odd’ trend floating through is the use of animal prints on t-shirts and sweatshirts. No, I’m not referring to the classic cheetah and zebra prints, yet rather the entire animal printed upon apparel. This look can be seen with all sorts of wild creatures including: owls, lions, raccoons, and even deer.

Lastly, the schoolboy blazer. This seemingly studious look is making its way back on the charts this season for fall fashion.
With all of these new styles, it may sometimes seem hard to keep up. Many places offer the newest trends for less to help keep young adults in the loop without being out of cash. Check out some of these fashion forward stores for an inside scoop on ‘what’s hot’ this fall.
Forever 21,,, H&M,,

Senior Natalie Abbate was found wearing a pair of neon pants.
Junior Madison Shaffer was seen wearing the famous fall scarf.


Junior Gabby Nehr was spotted wearing neon pants this past week!
Senior Emily Siebert was found wearing her own spin on denim this week!


Senior Jen Hutchinson was caught wearing a dress with butterflies printed all over it.
Junior Kourtnie Regan and Senior Kaitlyn Eagle were found in the same Stats class sporting blazers.