2000s rap and hip-hop

Faded away or influencing the future?

Everyone has their genre of music that they prefer, but when it comes to the 2000s, everyone can agree that rap played a huge role in society, then and now. Since rap was so big, here is the top 20 songs from 2000s rap/hip-hop:

  1. Eminem- Stan
  2. Kanye West- Jesus Walks
  3. OutKast- Ms. Jackson
  4. Clipse- Grindin’
  5. Eminem- Lose Yourself
  6. The Game- Hate it or Love it (Feat. 50 Cent)
  7. Lupe Fiasco- Kick, Push
  8. Nas- One Mic
  9. Dead Prez- Hip Hop
  10. Kanye West- Diamonds
  11. Talib Kweli- Get By
  12. M.O.P- Ante Up
  13. Missy Elliot- Get Ur Freak On
  14. Jay Z- 99 Problems
  15. Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness
  16. Kanye West- Stronger
  17. Lil Jon- Get Low
  18. Nelly- Hot in Here
  19. Drake- Forever
  20. Lil Wayne- A Milli

Many rappers from the 2000s have made it far and are still continuing to do what they love by entertaining people with their music. Some rappers, though, have not made it with their music into today, but they have left other marks on other artists, including style. Clothing and accessories are a huge part in an artists style. It can make or break some people. A rapper named Lil’ Flip brought us the usually diamond encrusted mouthpiece grill teeth. Even though his rapping journey was short lived, his accessories were not. Big names like ASAP Rocky and Post Malone keep this shiny jewelry alive to this day. Along with jewelry, clothing is a big part of a rappers identity. In the early 2000s, rapper Busta Rhymes was known for wearing crazy clothes and especially expensive ones. He was always caught wearing fur coats, which when being worn shows much wealth. This trend continues throughout time and is shown off by Kanye West.

There is no doubt that some rappers from the 2000s were a one hit wonder, but some stayed at the top, or at least their influence did. One major artist was more known in the late 2000s and still continues to make music but his sound was always distinct from others and now his sound is being heard more in others artists music. Eminems’ sound has always been his own, but is now being taken into others. It is showing up in some of Kendrick Lamars writing and extended metaphors as well as in Chance the Rappers music where his vocal fry shows a heavy debut to Eminem.

It is no secret that some rappers from the 2000s are only one hit wonders, but it maybe secret to some that rappers in today’s society get a lot of their style of appearance, music and or ideals from those one hit wonders.