The xx’s ‘I See You’


Sydney Gibson, Staff Writer

The third album of The xx, an indie pop band formed in 2005, was released worldwide on January 13 trailing their single “On Hold”. The band was known for its minimalist sound and seemed to be based on the notion that less is more, up until their album ‘I See You’ was released.

The tracks are more expansive than ever and have a chilling style that only The xx can execute so seamlessly. The combined voices of Oliver Sim and Romy Croft have a way of creating such an elegant and distinct sound that altogether simply captivates the audience.

The release of their single set up their following’s increasing anticipation for the album so flawlessly. The song was a kind of call and response between the two vocalists. Sim sang, “…and every time I let you leave I always saw you coming back to me. When and where did we go cold. I thought I had you on hold.”

The album is expected to climb the charts as music fanatics listen and share their favorite tracks. The hopes for the album are set high knowing that in previous years they’ve done so well.

The xx is comprised of Oliver Sin, bassist and vocalist, Romy Croft, guitarist and vocalist, and Jamie Smith, the producer and drummer who strings both emotion and style into every song. They plan on preforming in over 20 countries including a U.S. tour that will take them from Pittsburgh to California.

To design the album cover for I See You, The xx took a reflective metal square with their signature ‘x’ engraved on it and stood out in the sunlight watching as the mirror image of themselves became a symbol of their work over the past months.

As perfectly stated by Jon Dolan, a writer for the Rolling Stone, “For a band that often gets described as ‘minimal,’ the xx pack a massive amount of drama and emotion into their subtle music. The U.K. trio specialize in Zen restraint, blurring the line between indie guitar pop, R&B and dance music in stripped-down songs that are as sleek and eerie as they are weirdly inviting.”

I See You is not only a step up but also a heartbreaking album with more emotion and genuine lyrics than they’ve ever released before. In simple terms, it’s truly breathtaking.

A sentence on The xx’s website reads, “Sometimes I just want to say it’s ok, I understand, I see you.”