Paula Deen and Family Begin Weight Loss Commitment

Melissa John, Staff Writer

“Just add a little bit of butter ya’ll!”

The world renown Food Network star, Paula Deen, is known for her overuse of butter and anything else high in fat and cholesterol. But ever since announcing her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis last year, Paula Deen has been on the ‘health grind’. In addition to her newly-devoted fitness regime and profound way of cutting the calories in all of her dishes, her family has committed to standing by her every step of the way- and even managed to lose some of their own excess weight in the meantime.

Deen’s sons, Bobby and Jamie, have lost a total of 78 pounds while husband, Michael Groover, has lost 60. Adding the forty pounds Paula herself has cut from her body, the family has lost a total of 178 pounds.

Deen’s secret? “Moderation, moderation, moderation,” she told People magazine.

Alongside her diagnosis came a bundle of controversy when Deen revealed she had Diabetes and also verified that she was going to be a part of a new partnership with Novo Nordisk, the creater of a Diabetes drug. Her condition was kept under the radar for quite some time, even while she continued to promote her butter and fat-filled recipes.

Despite setbacks with media controversy, Deen seems to be doing well on her new health kick. With the whole Deen family backing her up, and of course a little help from all of her fans, Deen is on the right track to a much healthier lifestyle.