Lincoln: A Historic Film for All Americans

Liam Millroy, Staff Writer

Steven Spielberg has put together a great interpretation of the latter part of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, a vital time in the history of our country, in the movie all Americans are talking about, “Lincoln”. 

The movie takes place just after Lincoln wins re-election and is about to start his second term of office. The movie focuses on the importance and pressure of the decisions Abraham Lincoln would make during this period of time in his presidency. The nation is at war with itself, and slavery is still a problem throughout the country, and it is Lincoln’s job to find a way to bring the country together once again. The only way he can do that is to end the war, and for him to end the war, he will have to abolish slavery, a task past presidents could never accomplish or were just not courageous enough to attempt. It was up to Lincoln to make the right decisions during this time because they would affect our country forever.

The star of the show is Daniel Day-Lewis, long time actor, who has won favor from movie-goers since his days in “The Last of the Mohicans”, “Gangs of New York”, and “The Crucible”, did a truly amazing job of being the best Abraham Lincoln he could be.  From his gestures, his looks, to the way he walked and talked, his Lincoln impersonation was truly believable.

Daniel Day-Lewis wasn’t the only big name actor to star in this generational film; Sally Field gave a tremendous performance as Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and the young rising star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred as Lincoln’s son, Robert, a teenager struggling with his position in society as the president’s son.  The other performance that turned heads in “Lincoln” was Thaddeus Stevens,played by long time actor, Tommy Lee Jones.  Stevens, a republican leader, and one of the most popular and influential members of the House of Representatives, he was also one of the biggest supporters of abolishing slavery.  Jones did a tremendous job of acting the part of the Representative, just as he has in all of his past films.

This movie was truly great; it was a slow starter with little action, but the dialogue was simply amazing. The movie found a way to grab the attention of all audiences without explosions, sex scenes, and vulgar comedy.  It simply portrayed a vitally important part of our country’s history, starring one of the most impressive, esteemed, and popular presidents in our country’s storied history in a wonderful way. For that, “Lincoln” is a must see for all Americans.