Melissa John, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift, country music star known for her very public way of getting back at all of her exes, just released her brand new album entitled Red. And needless to say, it proved to be nothing but a huge hit to hopeless romantic girls worldwide.

When asked, “Why Red?” Swift answered,  “I called it that because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles. . . . In retrospect, it all looks red.” (Guess the new, red lipstick she’s been rocking isn’t the reason!)

T-Swift’s latest music sure is a step away from her usual, whimsical song-like tendencies. Her new album introduces a darker shade of red about her take on past relationships. Although Swift took a new direction on the type of music for her release, she was sure to keep a little bit of her positive outlook on love hidden within the album. Songs like “Begin Again” really showed Swift’s romantic side as she sang about her passion for finding the one.

The overlong of Red, consisting of 16 tracks totaling roughly 65 minutes, shows off many new hits such as, “Treacherous”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and, of course, “Red”.

The Guess What Ex game that everyone can play while listening to her new album is a sure way to grab the attention of her fans. It’s definitely safe to say that Swift nailed it again with her release of Red.