Steven Tyler Has Not Quite Left the Building

Melissa John, Staff Writer

 The two-year ‘American Idol’ judge, Steven Tyler, may no longer be on the show but his presence is still making its way through the series- well, through the court system at least.

Tyler’s previous management group is suing Dina LaPolt, an entertainment attorney, with the claim  that she “undermined Tyler’s renegotiation with ‘American Idol’, costing the management company millions of dollars”.

To put this legal wording  into Layman terms, Tyler’s contract was up for renegotiation in 2011, and Tenth Street sought to capitalize on the popularity of the rocker by setting up a $6-8 million raise for Tyler.

This may sound like a normal deal, but according to the suit, LaPolt used sensitive information that she obtained unprofessionally to undermine the renegotiating process. She later told an agent from ‘American Idol’ that the television reality show could probably get Tyler for cheap.

If that wasn’t enough, Tyler never even got a raise.

The suit also claims that LaPort took one percent “off the top” from Aerosmith’s gross touring revenue — cutting in half what Tenth Street was entitled to, an amount that the suit claims is in the “millions of dollars.”

Alleging breach of fiduciary duty, breach of the duty of confidence, intentional interference with contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, Kovac Media/Tenth Street is seeking compensatory and consequential damages “believed to be more than $8 million,” plus interest, punitive and exemplary damages, attorney’s fees, suit costs, litigation costs.