Patti-Stew Are At It Again!

Melissa John, Staff Writer

The on-again off-again relationship brewing between R Patts (Robert Pattinson) and K-Stew (Kristin Stewart) is currently switched to on.

 The Twilight pair, known as Edward and Bella to their fans, were going through a rough and shaky patch this past July when Stewart admitted to having a fling with the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. After a short period of time seperated, the pair eventually found themselves back in each others arms.

After breaking up this summer, Pattinson was said to be selling the L.A. home that him and Stewart shared. After their most recent relationship switch however, he has chosen to keep the estate.

The couple are planning on making their first red carpet appearance since the breakup later this October while promoting the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Although the two are back together, they are currently fixed on opposite sides of the country. Pattison was seen earlier this week bundled up in the Big Apple while Stewart was spotted in the L.A. sunshine at a Flornce and The Machine concert with her father.

Pattinson and Stewart are sure to remain in the news with their up in the air relationship in the months ahead.