“Ella Enchanted” Star Becomes Anne Hathaway Shulman in a Private Ceremony

Melissa John, Staff Writer

Anne Hathaway, although you may better recognize her as Ella Enchanted or even Mia Thermopolis, tied the knot with Adam Shulman last Saturday on the California Coast.

With well over 150 guests in attendance at the weekend-long ceremony, a nearby booked private estate was necessary to accommodate such a large crowd. The rehearsal dinner was said to be held at the Ventana Inn, and Valentino is said to have made Hathaway her very own custom fitted gown.

Having been together for four years now, it was easy for Hathaway to announce how in love she is with her new husband. Hathaway stated to People Magazine that she was actually intending on appreciating some alone time, and then without notice, Adam sparked into her life. She then explained the rest as followed, “…then I fell in love like a fool!”

Hathaway proceeded to explain that the reason she and Shulman click so well is the fact that they both enjoy their low-key lifestyle. She contiuned on about how they throw normal dinner parties, yet they also just “hang out”.

With Shulman’s occupation of not only being an actor but also a jewelry designer, it’s safe to say that Anne Hathaway’s ring has more of a ‘queen’ look rather than that of a ‘princess’.