Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Megan Holby , Contributor April 12, 2021

Many teachers at SV have received their Covid-19 vaccinations these past few weeks; however, students will not be able to receive the vaccine until later this year. The school has been trying to facilitate...

The Day I Fell in Love

Sophia Kunkel, Co-Editor March 16, 2021

On the day I fell in love, the sky was rain-speckled and dreary. Menacing clouds swirled above me as I walked home from school in mud splattered Converse shoes and a torn backpack slung over my...

Self-Love: A Valentine's Day Story

Self-Love: A Valentine’s Day Story

Leanne Abel, Contributor February 16, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday. Well, in my opinion, it is. People buy each other gifts, cards, chocolate, etc. for no reason. And for us single people, it’s just another holiday where you can’t...

6 Word Stories

6 Word Stories

February 5, 2021

Instagram followers were recently challenged to create original six-word stories. A six-word story is exactly what the name suggests: a story told in six words. Below are two examples from Seneca Valley...

November Noveling

November Noveling

Sophia Kunkel , Contributor December 9, 2020

Every November, thousands of writers across the globe participate in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to cross the 50,000-word finish line in only thirty days, with the help of a...

Fighting the Quarantine Funk

Fighting the Quarantine Funk

Alexis Giobbi, Contributor May 20, 2020

As a high school senior, I was not thrilled to hear that I would be spending the rest of the year doing online lessons from my bedroom, or that prom, graduation, and my senior year dance recital were cancelled....

SV plans shift in schedule

SV plans shift in schedule

Emilee Neuman , Contributor April 30, 2020

Seneca Valley, a school who prides themselves on change and improvement, has recently made the decision to switch to block scheduling, starting with the class of 2022. Instead of a nine-period day of forty-two-minute...

In a showing of outreach and community-building, Oasis Club handed out 300 juice boxes on Feb. 14

Oasis: Thirsty for a outreach

Sophia Kunkel, Contributor March 5, 2020

Juice boxes are not all the recently formed Oasis Club has to offer. Also called Christian Fellowship Club, Oasis provides a stress-free atmosphere that welcomes everyone. Senior Myles Weaver, one of the...

A young Mrs. Christ can be seen here, and before you ask, yes, that really is her natural hair!

Throwback Thursday!

Evelyn Vogel, Contributor February 21, 2020

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a musical enthusiast, endeavoring cook, and explorer…outside of her career, of course. Growing up, she was incredibly talkative and social; working hard in school,...

February 14, just another day

February 14, just another day

Mariam Abbas, Contributor February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day. A day to share love with others through material items that you bought in a store. Those are the same items you will throw away in two weeks. Sometimes, you will throw them away immediately...

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